3 reasons that need you to live!

I really dont know why but the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput is really not leaving me. I am not a bollywood buff neither was I a huge fan of Sushant but I cant get over a 34 year old hanging himself to death so usually in such situations I write! I want to start off with a Sanskrit shloka

असुर्याः अन्धेन तमसा आवृताः नाम ते लोकाः सन्ति । ये के च जनाः आत्महनः सन्ति ते प्रेत्य तान् अभिगछति ॥

asuryāḥ andhena tamasā āvṛtāḥ nāma te lokāḥ ( santi )| ye ke ca janāḥ ātmahanaḥ ( santi ) te pretya tān abhigachati ||

This means that those who take away their own lives are stuck in a world with no light, ie no moksha! This is in conflict with the “Rest in Peace” for those who commit suicide. Dont get me wrong here in not wishing these souls peace but this is the power of our ancient knowledge in laying the principals of not letting go of your life in hope of cutting ties with misery. Just like life was not your choice, death cannot be either!!

I am no sage or a happiness consultant or a counsellor who would give gyaan and pills to get over depression (which btw are an addiction in their own ways ) but here my reasons to LIVE under ALL circumstances

  1. FAMILY: Your parents who gave birth to you need you to live! they didnt bring a life on this planet to see it self destruct. I cant even image the life long pain for a family who has to deal with a death that is untimely and not fair. If you are a parent, you need to live for the children you gave birth to. More than finances and worldly pleasures they need YOU around. You owe it to your family to live! Not your success or your failures, they need YOU to exist in their lives.
  2. YOUR DREAMS: Now this is tricky! usually people lose hope when all they aspired for comes crumbling down. This is shattering, each one of us have felt it sometime. For those high achievers who have had great strides and want to climb new peaks this is even tricker, because the higher you are the more painful the fall. BUT if you fall, there are two ways to pick yourself up. First, keep at the path you set..keep climbing. You will be mocked at, you will miss being the king but every time this happens look down at the smaller hills and rocks below you – their struggles and position will make you feel gratified. You owe it to these little boulders so they can also embark on the journey. Its the journey that matters! I am one of those little rocks trying to build a company because I am passionate about something. I am tiny right now but already get thrown parallels of giants like Facebook and Amazon. I get asked by investors – what will it take to get there! IT is almost as if I dont become an Amazon I will be a failure. but will I? I am so thankful for Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg for building that mountain for us boulders look upto but I promise to enjoy my climb more than anything. Investors can come along and give me a push, and if I fail I will have my second point to fall on- which is. No-one is ever made up of only one dream! Thats the beauty of dreams and aspirations..there is room for so much more. And here I come back to Sushant’s story. He was a brilliant mind, a great dancer, a reader, a thinker. If bollywood didn’t work out for him he should have given his other dreams a chance. Why does fame and money always be an accompaniment to every dream? If it gives you a chance to look forward to something then thats enough.
  3. THE LITTLE THINGS: When nothing else works. you need to live for the little things that exist around you. There is a purpose behind your existence, not necessary that you will find that purpose but just the quest to answer questions, to know yourself, to know what future holds for you, to know what your children will become, to know what the next invention would be, to know whether it will rain soon, to know whats for food in the next meal! There is so much to know!!!! Yes there are sorrows and mishaps to deal with but these little pleasures of cool breeze, a yummy treat, a silly joke – cant these be enough to live another day?

I have been trying hard to train my brain on letting go of Sushant’s suicide, there are so many that happen world over, but this time it’s hit me hard. Because it truly is a life gone too soon. There was a spark in you Sushant and many looked up to you and you had all the three reasons I listed and so many more to live on. I really wish you could have reasoned it through, your life was more important than the shit you were thrown at by Bollywood. I really pray no-one ever loses hope and knows that living is more important than success, mediocrity or failure.

I end with another shloka from the Ishaupanishad that dwells on the similar thought that your actions, karma is enough to aspire you to live a 100 years.

कुर्वन्नेवेह कर्माणि जिजीविषेत् शतं समाः। kurvanneveha karmāṇi jijīviṣet śataṁ samāḥ |

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  1. I agree with nearly all you wrote, well expressed as well, but I disagree on pill shaming part. This precisely is the reason Indian society is sitting on a ticking bomb of mental health. Its ok to be not ok. Support seeking help. Maybe he sought help too late. But yes its hard to get over the loss of a brilliant mind with huge potential.

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