Kyun chale iss raste?

क्यों चलें इस रस्ते ? क्या होगा इसके आगे? कहाँ तक ले जाएगी किस्मत मेहनत करके हम सब भागे मंज़िल दूर नहीं पर रुकना सज़ा है मंज़िल दूर नहीं पर रुकना सज़ा है सच बोलें तो इसी दौड़ मैं असली मज़ा है और जब मिलेगी तुम्हारी मंज़िल तुम्हे- दिल मैं राहत और मन मैं मुस्कराहट... Continue Reading →

The Right in Wrong

Wrong sits on Right's chair Unfair buds from the fair self beliefs intertwine Mighty brain frowns upon the heart you are not mine? Smile, look up and follow the right wrong is a possibility for now just hold on tight...

Happy New Year

Last leaf of the calendar new resolutions begin renewed promises and a dawning hope within to finish the incomplete to start again what was meant to be and sow new seeds for you and me Pedaling wheels of time Another twelve sheets of hope, we open old aspirations packaged afresh Aboard the new journey, will... Continue Reading →

Old Friends

Acquaintance bloomed  friendship Friendship so sweet so pure day or night they longed for more teens to adults the hearts and brains juggled friends or lovers, here comes the puzzle? age solved the puzzle love fainted friendship thus faded they live and love in worlds apart each carrying a piece of the true friends heart


New is time that makes the world spin Every second it knocks on your door Open it or not, new comes in New is a gift and the smile that comes along New turns old and the smile gone New brings happiness, New brings sorrow New is today till it turns tomorrow

Questions and Answers

A Question looking for its answer why? where? who? how? google it, ask it, read it.. Alas, he found it - there you are my Answer! oh so lovely, oh so peaceful! o'wait..peace please wait Answer's laid its bait! - A new question arises from the Answer? Why'o Why cant this just end ? Question finds it's Answer... Continue Reading →

I am happy because..

I am happy because I am strong Strong to face the winds and the hefty credit card bills. What is life without humor, to laugh with your love and laugh at your rival I am no sage so I do frown in rage But as the river of time flows, the frown forgets and the... Continue Reading →

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