Old Friends

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Acquaintance bloomed  friendship

Friendship so sweet so pure

day or night they longed for more

teens to adults

the hearts and brains juggled

friends or lovers, here comes the puzzle?

age solved the puzzle

love fainted

friendship thus faded

they live and love in worlds apart

each carrying a piece of the true friends heart


9 thoughts on “Old Friends

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  1. Sweet, Jyoti! It is the bittersweet reality of life. Everything and everyone in this life is temporary. So, enjoy and cherish it while it lasts. I enjoyed the poem and will be reading your earlier posts in this year´s challenge. If you are interested, I would like to invite you to my blog and this year´s challenge – https://pensense.blogspot.in. Would love to know your thoughts on this. Keep writing and all the best for your challenge.


  2. Memories are for lifetime…There are many times when heart breaks to be apart but its the truth .Enjoyed the poem.


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