Kyun chale iss raste?

क्यों चलें इस रस्ते ? क्या होगा इसके आगे? कहाँ तक ले जाएगी किस्मत मेहनत करके हम सब भागे मंज़िल दूर नहीं पर रुकना सज़ा है मंज़िल दूर नहीं पर रुकना सज़ा है सच बोलें तो इसी दौड़ मैं असली मज़ा है और जब मिलेगी तुम्हारी मंज़िल तुम्हे- दिल मैं राहत और मन मैं मुस्कराहट... Continue Reading →

The Cliché of True Love!

Love has crossed path many times. From the eternal love for your parents,family and children and siblings that sticks with you regardless of life's variables to the frivolous real life crushes, idealistic reel life fantasies and the relationships that make you and often break you. Each time love happened to me the initial euphoria was... Continue Reading →

Life Lessons from my Bike

My love for biking began when I was 11 and I started biking from home to  school. As soon as I started pedaling, the early morning woes would vanish and a new excitement would set in. I connected with nature in a way I never could have imagined. My rides have so many memories attached... Continue Reading →

The Right in Wrong

Wrong sits on Right's chair Unfair buds from the fair self beliefs intertwine Mighty brain frowns upon the heart you are not mine? Smile, look up and follow the right wrong is a possibility for now just hold on tight...

5 Reasons why Indian Men Refuse to Change

My thoughts are a manifestation of many conversations with friends, wives and relatives on the utter frustration amongst progressive Indian women over sections of men's brains that have remained stagnated over many years. Most agree that Indian women have advanced, intellectually and emotionally, faster than men. Maybe because given the subjugation we went through in... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year

Last leaf of the calendar new resolutions begin renewed promises and a dawning hope within to finish the incomplete to start again what was meant to be and sow new seeds for you and me Pedaling wheels of time Another twelve sheets of hope, we open old aspirations packaged afresh Aboard the new journey, will... Continue Reading →

Why in God’s home?!

When you visit a temple you look for peace, a solitary moment with God and a trip to renew the feeling of hope and gratitude.Cities like Gurgaon hardly offer you any scope of solitude as temples are swarming with devotees chanting mantras in fast forward motion with their eyes fixated on the idols while the... Continue Reading →

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