Life Lessons from my Bike

My love for biking began when I was 11 and I started biking from home to  school. As soon as I started pedaling, the early morning woes would vanish and a new excitement would set in. I connected with nature in a way I never could have imagined. My rides have so many memories attached to it, I would do strange things like talk to trees, chat up with my best friend who biked with me, sing songs to myself and even maneuver like a pro to escape bully’s on the way.  My cycle taught me very important life lessons. Want to know? then read on…

Treacherous Uphill Climbs Never Stop: My first ever bike marathon was in the Canadian rockies, and I was not prepared for the climbs!- physically but what got me through was my mind. The first tough climb was not bad only because it was the first! I had no clue that my 250 km ride entailed almost 200 such climbs. What I didnt do the first time around was pause at the peak and have a look ahead, I was too eager to enjoy the smooth sail downhill with air gushing through my face and cooling me down. But all good things come to an end, and so did the breezy downhills… what I soon realized was that although its mandatory to enjoy the rewards of your uphill hardwork, its important to pause at the peak and catch a view from the top of the many more hills to climb! The uphill battles in life will always be there, its wrong to expect or ignore that if you beat one hurdle that others wont come. The foresight of catching a view from the top and being prepared for whats to come will always make you a stronger fighter and a more balanced person.

Enjoy but Stay Focused:  I think I am at my creative best while i am biking! I imagine all sorts of things, I sing happy songs to celebrate life and  sad songs to get over what could be better. All this while maintaining my focus on the road! Its important to be connected to one’s true self, to be honest to your emotions but at the same time maintain some sort of realism to survive through the journey of life.

Calculated Adventure : I love riding in the rains! the cold drops wipe out the exhaustion and the views get more scenic. The kid in me has always enjoyed cycling through the little water puddles to feel a little gush of adventure and thrill of spraying water as I rode. But for any sort of adventure you need two things to accompany you – wisdom and luck! My inner desire for these adventures many times landed me into what looked like harmless water puddles but turned out to be potholes! and painful it was. My love for water puddles still exists, but experience has made me slightly wiser to evaluate the risk before hand. Luck off-course is always a gamble 😉

Certain activities or life experiences teach you what no book or teacher could have. My cycle did just that for me and continues to do so! And look who agrees with me 😉

“Life is like riding a bicycle. In order to keep your balance you must keep moving”

Albert Einstein, German-American physicist




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  1. What a beautiful and positive article! Makes me want to pedal once again 🙂 Loved the way you equated biking with life


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