January – this year I want to like you!

Since forever, the month of January has always been my least favorite month. Why? Firstly, Its cold! I am not a winter person and January really tests my patience when it comes to dealing with the cold and staying layered up. I cant wait for the pleasant to be back.

Also January is a horrible month for procrastinators like me, the sudden revelation of not meeting most of your new year resolutions dawns in and for some reason doesnt go till the second month starts and a new normal sets in.


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For girls like me who have struggled with weight and all the good food that has come and accumulated from the festive months, January brings a lot of frustration. You set new weight loss goals but for some reason January never ever has proven to be an obedient month for that. My excuse is again – the cold!

So January = cold, fat and frustrated!

But this year I want to change that. January – I want to like you. So here’s what I plan to do.

I will not dwell on what did not work out. I will not let unmet resolutions bring me down. If those are still important, I shall re-write them on my new years list with a special star **. I will set more realistic goals that can be accountable maybe on a quarterly basis so I can better keep track of what I set out to do.

Just like resolutions for the new year, I will spend time journaling all the happy times the past year brought. The special friendships, the successes, the laughs and memories that will forever be stamped in my heart and mind. January can be the month to cherish and be thankful.

Now this is a tough one. To love you January, I shall give up something I have loved since I was a kid. SUGAR!!!! This year I will attempt my first no sugar month. And if it goes well, this can be my new January tradition for life. No sugar is supposed to detox the mind and body?? lets find out.

Now because the earth wont change its rotational axis for me and I want to stay realistic. I will stay warm and layered. wont change a thing about this. Giving up the warmth of my blanket early in the morning wont happen-atleast not this January. So, Morning workouts please wait till February because this year I want to love January. 😉

(and the no sugar might compensate for this….hoping against hope)

Happy New Year Folks!

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