The Cliché of True Love!

Love has crossed path many times. From the eternal love for your parents,family and children and siblings that sticks with you regardless of life’s variables to the frivolous real life crushes, idealistic reel life fantasies and the relationships that make you and often break you. Each time love happened to me the initial euphoria was enough to evade, escape and challenge the reality of life. Is just like eating your favorite dessert, so fulfilling for the first few bites and then the law of diminishing returns catches up. But love in all the forms that came to me has made me appreciate life in more ways than I could imagine.

I have learnt lessons in friendships, built a stronger character and learnt to respect. My biggest learning have been of forgiveness and faith. Love changes courses and splits into many trajectories as life progresses. But as long as the source remains constant – which is your heart and soul! each little stream of love disburses the truth that lies in you.

True love doesnt always mean togetherness, true love doesnt always mean honesty and true love doesnt always mean acceptance. True love is a permanent sense of connect – a connect that gives you the strength to combat life and a reason to smile through it all:)

Happy Valentines Day! (usually i cant stop typing, but this is too complex of a topic for me to elaborate! Thank you St. Valentine for nudging me to write today 😉 )

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