The Cliché of True Love!

Love has crossed path many times. From the eternal love for your parents,family and children and siblings that sticks with you regardless of life's variables to the frivolous real life crushes, idealistic reel life fantasies and the relationships that make you and often break you. Each time love happened to me the initial euphoria was... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons why Indian Men Refuse to Change

My thoughts are a manifestation of many conversations with friends, wives and relatives on the utter frustration amongst progressive Indian women over sections of men's brains that have remained stagnated over many years. Most agree that Indian women have advanced, intellectually and emotionally, faster than men. Maybe because given the subjugation we went through in... Continue Reading →

Why in God’s home?!

When you visit a temple you look for peace, a solitary moment with God and a trip to renew the feeling of hope and gratitude.Cities like Gurgaon hardly offer you any scope of solitude as temples are swarming with devotees chanting mantras in fast forward motion with their eyes fixated on the idols while the... Continue Reading →

Durga Ashtami

Ashtami and Nauvmi kanya puja have been one of my most favorite childhood memories. The local girl gang would be welcomed and worshiped by known and unknown neighbors. The sweet taste of halwa puri and the lure of many girly gifts - bangles, chunni, bindis, hair clips etc. - got me and my friends excited... Continue Reading →

O Bride, why Cry?

An article about a school  teaching potential brides the art of crying got my brain juices churning, first with anger and astonishment and then with a realization which might be the hidden truth of Indian marriages. A bit of history to this tradition of crying, it all began when underage girls were forced to marry... Continue Reading →

Maids of Honor

Today's blog is dedicated to a key member of  Indian families - our Maids! The ladies, men, boys and girls who clean up our mess, cook our meals and thrash our garbage. If you employ a worker/s you are a boss and a team manager! Yes you may or may not achieve that status professionally... Continue Reading →

Not Fair!

Its really not "fair and lovely" to be promoting the use of fairness creams or any sort because the only thing you are promoting is racism. India is classic example of blatant and unapologetic racism. We have goras, bhuras, kalas and savla. All of India is divided into these shades of skin color and we... Continue Reading →

Education for the less Educated

47 million students in India dropout at 10th standard. What happens to this huge potential labor force? For a large chunk (mainly girls) this is the last taste of education as most will get married or join the unorganized sector, few get back to school after a break and the remaining majority join some kind... Continue Reading →

Boredom is Fun!

Feeling bored? Nothing to do? Noone to have fun with? Cant keep up with a single activity for a long time? Feeling like you are useless? – All of these might be happening when boredom hits. Instead of sulking or finding ways to charge your brain cells just sit back and relax! Yes, relax and... Continue Reading →

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