Not Fair!

Its really not “fair and lovely” to be promoting the use of fairness creams or any sort because the only thing you are promoting is racism. India is classic example of blatant and unapologetic racism. We have goras, bhuras, kalas and savla. All of India is divided into these shades of skin color and we are not ashamed to continue to bucket ourselves into these racist shades. The goras lead and flaunt their color, the bhuras,savlas and kalas resort to bleach and fairness creams.

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I am so sickened by this want to be fair?? Why? Fair is not beautiful, fair is not better, fair is not superior. Your color is a result of your genes and no one should have the right to judge you based on something you have no control over.  You want to judge people judge them on their habits, actions, lifestyle…but not on color, religion and caste.

This fairness dominance is a piece of the British muck that still sticking to our existence. If the blacks ruled the world 500 years back and dominated trade and economy like the British did, today we would probably have “dark and lovely” creams and dark skin would be the ultimate aspiration.

Take Bipasha Basu, Deepika Padukone, Kajol -they are beautiful dark skinned ladies. Would they be prettier if they were light skinned? My answer – I dont care and NO! I am happy with their existing beauty and dont want to imagine them as any less darker or fairer.

My piece of advice for the gora obsessed citizens of India:

Men wanting Gori Wives: Yes, you might be praised by relatives on your catch and you might have gora children BUT  behind the skin color exists a woman who might not or might not be the perfect match for you. Her skin color will not define how much she will love you! A true prize is the one that keeps you happy and proud forever whats the point of showing off your wife’s skin color in society for false admiration while you suffer in the relationship.

Mother in laws wanting Gori bahus: First look in the mirror and analyze how gori you are? If you are, then analyse how much did it help you get respect and success in life. Did it make you a better wife, mother and citizen? It you are not, then please ask your husband to divorce you because you were never a worthy bride in the first place. You have no right to set lame expectations for your son.

Dark skinned girls/boys wanting to be fairer: Get a life guys! Trust me being fair will get you zilch. Focus on your inner strengths and be proud of what God’s made you.

Fair Skinned Population: DO NOT consider your skin color as any form of superiority. As I said you are a certain way because of your parents. Try and be superior from your own actions.

When my son was born most people said “kitna gora hai, how cute” , “chalo acha hai gora paida hua” “Kitna gora hai just like his parents” “isko dhoop main mat rakho kaala ho jayaga”. The gora comments continue and it burns me inside.What if my kid was not gora, would he not be cute? Why comment on skin color as if its Gods greatest gift! As long as my son is a healthy, respected and successful man he can stay gora, get tanned or change color over the years.

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People please get rid of this color based ridiculous biases. Over an out!



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