Garba – The Circle of Dance

I was 10 when I was introduced to Garba. My best friend Isha taught me the dance in her garden, at that time I had no clue how addicted this dance form could be. 20 years later I am writing about Garba because it continues to be one of the happiest experiences of my life.


A decorated stadium, cool and lightly watered soft mud, colors all around, heavenly live music and the stars and moon above. Yes thats what a Garba ground feels like and the vibe and the energy  takes to you another world. Garba is the purest form of trance that there could be. Every dancer or non-dancer who has witnessed garba in Gujarat would agree that its a sight to please the mind and soul.

When you dance Garba you dance for yourself, its like a meditative state achieved in the most non-meditative atmosphere. You dance with thousands of people yet you dance in solitude, you repeat the same step for hours yet you find new in every beat, you go past random people yet you connect with all and most importantly you connect with the divine !

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