Boredom is Fun!

Feeling bored? Nothing to do? Noone to have fun with? Cant keep up with a single activity for a long time? Feeling like you are useless? – All of these might be happening when boredom hits. Instead of sulking or finding ways to charge your brain cells just sit back and relax! Yes, relax and laze! Enjoy the beauty of boredom because its so rare when you don’t have much to do.

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Boredom is nature’s way to sprout seeds of creativity, fresh ideas and new plans. In fact, a super boring day made me start my blog! I don’t mind getting bored, boring is fun! Boring gets me to day dream about my childhood and my future ( I am almost always winning awards in the future), boring gets me think of super business ideas that will help me change the world and boring gets me my date with my brain! I agree that not everything about being bored is great as it does lead to a certain degree of procrastination. But as long as the creative ideas, happy or innovative thoughts create a buzz of excitement, boredom wont do much harm.

Because I realized the fun in being bored very early on I don’t mind being alone. I don’t feel the need to watch movies, browse my smartphone, take selfies or have gossip sessions with friends. My bored alone time is the best way to stay honest and happy with myself.

So next time you are bored – stay that way! If you are happy bored, all’s well but just bored because nothing exciting is happening, then daydream and cherish your thoughts. If you are sad bored, nothings working out in life and you fail to change your situation, then recollect yourself by resting your brain and you will be amazed on how quick your brain will help you resolve your worries.

Trust me boredom doesn’t last for long, so make the best of it!

For a more scientific read on benefits of boredom check out this link


7 thoughts on “Boredom is Fun!

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  1. When i used to be bored (way before my child happened) i used to jump into my bed and have a good rest. But now, with a child and work and house i have no idea what rest is or boredome is. Nice post BTW.


  2. I totally agree, when I am bored I just zone out. I start day dreaming about things and guess what even my blog started out of this boredom and wandering thoughts. I do believe working hard is essential, but sometime take a break from that routine and spend some time doing nothing. it’s quite refreshing.


  3. For me, bored is bored! There’s no happy or sad! When I don’t feel like doing anything, I just lie down and watch movies or series or Friends! That’s my way out to deal with boredom!



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