Ayurveda – My Mother’s gift to me

Ayurveda – the 5000 year old science for good health, longevity through herbs, yoga and meditation has been a very important part of Indian heritage. Important yet ignored, Ayurveda is widely coined as the “alternative medicine” when it comes to curing disease. Allopathic medicine, made from chemicals we cant comprehend, is preferred largely because of the quick fix it provides. I was brought up in a house where Ayurveda was practiced and preached and going to the doctor or taking pills was the “alternative” that came post the herbal remedies.

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My mom inflicted upon me and my sister – yes it was no less than torture when we were kids! – Neem leaves, karela juice, alma juice, tumeric packs that replaced bandages, weird smelling hair oils that were enough to numb your sense of smell if you were even a feet away. She would always say “Aneesha its all in your head, the smell, the taste , the texture…if you tell your brain neem is yummy you will enjoy it” and then eat a handful of neem leaves merrily as if she was eating a piece of ladoo! I always tried fooling my brain but never succeeded and would eventually gulp down the herbs with water and then find something sweet in the snack box to get rid of the taste.

My mom’s favourite topic then and now has been health and herbs! She made sure it was ingrained in us that the best way to heal yourself is through nature. She read books, consulted ayurvedic doctors, watched videos online and is a avid googler on the natural remedies subjects. Me on the other hand, my knowledge about ayurveda is largely limited to what my mother taught me. Now that I am a 31 year old mother myself and just like my mom very much a follower of ayurveda, I am starting to read books and getting deeper into the subject. I dont think I can match my mom’s levels of commitment but hope to get close 🙂 So here on my blog I want to share some key tips about good health that I learnt from Mumma:

  • When you fall sick try and find the root cause before treating it. Common colds, tummy aches, fevers, headaches all happen for a reason so before you pop in a painkiller try and find out what caused the imbalance. Did you know that most headaches are because you have a stomach imbalance? – too much acid or gas is a leading cause of headaches and painkillers do nothing but prohibit your brain to receive the pain signals from a particular body part. Painkillers are the worst thing you can do to cure your pain. Mumma would say, be brave and bear the pain, if you did something wrong then repair it the right way. She would actually put a positive twist to pain, Pain is our body’s repair mechanism as its telling us somethings wrong body! fix it now before it becomes big. Disclaimer-incase of surgery, fractures or a major disease its a good idea to fool your brain while the doctor treats you!
  • Slow and Steady wins the race. Unlike pills, natural remedies dont do a quick fix. So dont be in a hurry and rest your body while recovering. When I was 7 I had very bad attack of typhoid, my mom treated me with coconut water, fresh fruit juices and Tulsi. The fever didnt go for two weeks and many in my family started to advice and even scold my mom for not giving me medicines. She stayed strong and optimistic and eventually cured me in 4 weeks. One of my school friends who also suffered from typhoid returned to school after a week of steriods and pills, but had long lasting side effects – weight gain, weakness and rashes. So have faith and stay strong.
  • Why ignore side-effects? – Every single chemical pill you put in comes with a warning of possible side effects. Why be a fool to ignore it? Why risk your body to come under attack of something that you dont want? It might get you now or much later so why risk it if there is another way out. Ayurvedic medicines, even if you take the wrong one, would never harm you in a way an artificial chemical compound can.
  • Be aware of your Genetic History:  No matter your health levels your genes will always want to bring back the bugs that caught your parents,grandparents, uncles and aunts. Take preventive measures from a young age to evade your bad genetic history.

Home remedies form the simplest form of Ayurveda, Let me share the home remedies that work like a charm.

Any sort of Stomach Ache: Mix and grind equal parts of – aijwain, dil seeds, zeera, roasted methi seeds, saunf. Add 1tbsp black salt to the mixture and eat tbsp with water when tummy hurts

Head Aches: Tulsi-ginger Tea

Hairfall – Burn a few curry leaves in coconut oil, strain and cool. Add a tsp of castor oil when cool and massage in hair.

Cold, Cough, Flu – Boil a whole washed lemon (don’t cut or peel) in a pot of water. Boil till the water reduces to half. Add a pinch of haldi and grated ginger and sip few times a day.

Internal or External Injury – Tumeric and Jaggery Milk 3 times a day. (1tbsp milk in 1 cup milk)

Low Iron – Infuse water or lemonade with pudina and sip all through the day

Immunity Booster – Eat two tulsi leaves every morning and your immune system will be much stronger.

Mosquito Bites – Once a month take the bitter pill of 5-10 fresh neem leaves and mosquitoes will stay away from you

My family has much benefited from my mother’s wisdom and I have plans to pass it on to my son too. Life’s come a full circle and I am totally ready to wear the “annoying” mom hat and ensure my son gets the goodness of herbs and health. All I hope is that one day he will also value the wisdom and maybe write a blog thanking me ;)!


8 thoughts on “Ayurveda – My Mother’s gift to me

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  1. sticking to nature and natural ingredients always works – Ayurveda is great for you from every aspect. All the best for A to Z


  2. Nice and informative blog.
    Totally agree with you. Putting children on allopathic medicines since early age affects their immunity adversely.
    I also try to prefer natural remedies or homoeopathic remedies for my daughter.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nicely written article Aneesha. Thanks for sharing some of your mom’s remedies. Congrats on your blog and looking forwaed to more from the Jyoti girl!!


  4. Great words of wisdom aneesha! I too am a great fan of ayurveda. …keep enriching n all the best! 👍👍


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