Canada – My Second Home

11th April 2002, I looked out of my hotel window and stared into the pristine white land, naked trees and deserted roads. This was such a drastic change from a hustling bustling, hot and colorful India that I had left behind. I never knew how one day would change my life and I instantly had a feeling of dislike towards this new surrounding. I was 17 when I moved to Canada, a horrible age for anyone to go through major change. Being an Indian we are not used to perfect! And a sudden entry to a new perfect land caused confusion and anxiety.

But life’s about moving on, adjusting, finding happiness in change and getting back to the path you lay out for your life’s dreams. Canada did just that! I lived in Edmonton, probably the closest habitable city to north pole. Its winter wonderland for 7 months of the year and sunny summer for the remainder. This blog is dedicated to what I love about Canada and why my 9 year stay in Canada has forever ingrained a sense of belonging to the beautiful country.

My favorite window at University of Alberta, I would sit here for hours!

Canadians: The warm hearts of all around you helps beat the treacherous cold winters. I have yet to meet nicer more friendlier citizens than I have in Canada. If you have a bad day, trust hearty smiles from random people on the road, bus, parks or shopping centers to elevate your spirits. The underlying emotion of Canada is happy because the country is largely safe, politically calm and economically comfortable. I have made best friends and worked with excellent co-workers while studying and working in Canada. Check out my photo with my happy people!



Picture Perfect: You don’t have to be a great or even a good photographer to capture Canada’s beauty. Pick any frame and click from any camera and the result would be a postcard worthy capture. From the majestic Rockies, the vast water bodies that are everywhere, the ocean front of BC, the little mountain towns of Banff, Jasper, Whistler, Golden – Canada is blessed by beautiful nature.

Here are few clicks from my cannon digital camera.

Here my husband said to me “ I will buy you this boat one day”. Eagerly waiting for his gift 😉


The balance: If you are an ambitious person but wants to stay grounded, connected with family and enjoy the softer aspects of life while climbing the career graph then Canada will make it work for you. Canada is a healthier and a culturally richer Country where most people pursue their passion in various fields along with running a crazy rat race professionally. You can make average, decent or lots of money but there is an innate balance amongst all that connects Canadians through various strata’s of society, cultures and ages. Its like you are living in New York and Hawaii at the same time.

Every single person I know has asked me why I left this perfect country to be back in India?! The answer’s worthy for another blog. I don’t regret my decision because in my world there are two perfects- The Canadian perfect and the Indian perfect, both are poles apart but somehow I fit into both these worlds with ease. I belong to both these countries and am so lucky to have been exposed to all the experiences.

O’Canada, I really wish India and you were located closer on the Globe so travel would be easy!


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