My Dreamland

Sleep time is my favorite! Partly because I am lazy but largely because my dreams are so damn fun and exciting. Dreams have been a part of my sleep routine since I was very young and I am one of the lucky few who remembers her dreams and have totally mastered the art of continuing the dream even if I wake up mid-way! My happy dreams have included me as a bollywood superstar, travelling the world, working as a CEO and even dating my favorite movie/sports stars. Then come the horror dreams that bring in kidnappers, robbers, dacoits, underworld mafia and death.

Today, I dedicate my blogpost to my top 3 dreams.

Cloud Trampoline: Imagine being so light that a cloud becomes your trampoline. You jump from one cloud to the other, floating through the clouds and eating cloud fluff while you do so! I have been having this dream since I was 7 or 8 and its my most favorite recurring dream. It starts from me levitating from my bed, evaporating through the roof and reaching the clouds….and then rising higher and higher! The best part of this dream are the tickles! I can just feel the tickles through my body as I roll and jump through the clouds. Words cant explain how amazing it is. Especially the weightlessness! I mean, for a girl who struggles to lose a single pound, cloud trampoline really helps me be even lighter than a size 0 🙂

images (3)

The Snake-napper: This dream was one the most nail biting dreams I have had when I was in university. Ok so here’s what happened, a snake man, body of a snake but head of a human but replace the human tongue with snake tongue, kidnaps me and my friends.This creature has a twisted mind and wants to play “statue” with us. We are kept in a old cave ruin and each one of us is made to act as statues. If anyone moves an inch and the creature sees you, he will bite you with his forked snake tongue. And yes it will kill you! The only saving grace is that the creature keeps going in and out of the room to do some unknown business. So the super hero in me tries to save people, give water and food to people while he is gone and then be back to statue position upon his return. I was so damn clever and swift in my moves that I could keep most of my friends alive except for two. I was so mentally drained from this dream that I cant remember how it ended, it was the most physical and mental pressure I had put while sleeping!

images (5)

Square World: The night I saw Inception, I was taken away by its brilliant concept. I mean dream in a dream, wow! The dreamer in took the cue and what came next was out of the world (at least I think so!). My inception inspired dream made the world go square instead of round. A square world where countries where situated in a 3-D matrix. So imagine taking an elevator and each new floor is a new country.  The maze of countries stood high and tall and the only mode of travel was through this sky high sleek elevator or underwater.Because it was a movie inspired dream it needed a star cast! And I made this hollywood worthy idea cast bollywood actors. Aishwarya Rai and Salman khan were the love struck couple running from a villian (I cant remember which actor this was) and I was their navigator and savior. Swimming through the water in scuba suit and zooming through countries in the elevator I made sure Aishwarya and Salman were safe and ended up happily ever after. Sometimes I really feel this idea could be the next big blockbuster, I should copyright it?


Real Life is complex and random where you try and control outcomes through so much effort, hardwork, planning and a bit of praying! Dreams on the other hand are beautiful as you let your conscious take control and because you didnt really do much except for sleep there is very little scope of dejection no matter what the outcome!

Dream On!


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  1. i get really weird dreams – sometimes completely senseless – farming below the sea! I have no idea why i get such weird dreams!


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