Mothers make the best Entrepreneurs

My son was 8 months when depression hit me! I was loving my job as a mom but thats not the only job I wanted to have. Breastfeeding soon became my time to brainstorm and ideate – the only time the kid was busy and so was I 😉 After months of contemplation and encouragement from my husband I decided that now was the time to give my dreams a chance. Little did I realize how amazingly coherent these two phases of my life would be. Here’s how:

Zenlike State without meditation and yoga – I was born impatient but motherhood changed that. A new born is totally dependant on you and impatience is not a choice. No sleep, fat body, crazy hormones, cranky baby, overload on advice – nothing allows you to lose patience! You have to be calm, control your emotions and learn to manage the utter chaos to be a happy mommy to your child. This is exactly what entrepreneurship is all about – patience and perseverance ! If you give birth to a baby you better be the best version of yourself – at ALL times.

Shit Happens! – its a regular occurrence and its EXPLOSIVE when the baby is young. You (and your partners) are the only people who will have to clean it up. Be prepared that shit will be a part of our life and you’ve got to manage it till your baby is old enough. Or from a business perspective, till you can afford to hire other people to make sure things are in control.

Your Present shapes their Future- Your human baby and your startup both are going to be fruits of your relentless labor and nurturing. You’ve got to give it your best, be your best, overcome your shortfalls and only then will you be a proud mommy. Nothing will give you more happiness than see your baby succeed, lead and prosper.

Teamwork – Whoever said that a baby brings a couple even closer got it all wrong! (at least in my case) First year of having a baby can disrupt the most harmonious of relationships. The husband has to struggle with a hyper mother and his wife who has a new love of her life and the wife has to struggle with a man who cant multitask as well as her. But this little eco-system is what needs to survive and thrive for the baby. Teamwork, complementing skill sets and understanding your co-founders on an emotional level is super critical while riding the early tides of your business. The team better pull through this stage in some sort of functional harmony to give wings to your dreams.

It was by chance that Motherhood led me into business but I never knew how well it would prepare me mentally to take on the challenge and enjoy it too! To all new mothers, do give this a shot! You will kick ass.

To all entrepreneurs who are not parents yet! Your future kids would be super lucky to have such skilled parents 🙂

Presenting my two babies. One you’ve got to meet and the other is a click away. Both are AWESOME!

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