Ayurveda – My Mother’s gift to me

Ayurveda - the 5000 year old science for good health, longevity through herbs, yoga and meditation has been a very important part of Indian heritage. Important yet ignored, Ayurveda is widely coined as the "alternative medicine" when it comes to curing disease. Allopathic medicine, made from chemicals we cant comprehend, is preferred largely because of... Continue Reading →


Questions and Answers

A Question looking for its answer why? where? who? how? google it, ask it, read it.. Alas, he found it - there you are my Answer! oh so lovely, oh so peaceful! o'wait..peace please wait Answer's laid its bait! - A new question arises from the Answer? Why'o Why cant this just end ? Question finds it's Answer... Continue Reading →

I am happy because..

I am happy because I am strong Strong to face the winds and the hefty credit card bills. What is life without humor, to laugh with your love and laugh at your rival I am no sage so I do frown in rage But as the river of time flows, the frown forgets and the... Continue Reading →

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